Belgium shares first place with France at a Russian vodka event

The vodka brand Mamont Vodka hosted a culinary competition in Moscow on Tuesday night, challenging chefs from across Eurasia to capture the essence of the vodka’s Siberian heritage in a food and cocktail pairing.

The Belgian team, Arie Visscher and Dries Botty, had prepared a salad with king crab and caviar, accompanied by a cocktail named “Yukagir” in honor of the only mammoth of its type found to date.

As the judges were unable to declare a single winning pair, they eventually announced that the Belgian team and the French team would share this year’s honors.

They’ll take part in an all-expenses-paid expedition to Siberia to search for a mammoth led by a “professional mammoth hunter” and accompanied by travel-blogger, photographer and travel writer Sergei Dolya.





My first Russian kitchen experiment: blini (with a Belgian touch)

Blini are Russian pancakes made with yeast. They’re usually eaten with sour cream and smoked salmon or caviar but can also be topped by something sweet like chocolate and berries. As I’m veggie and looove desserts, I went for the latter version. With Belgian chocolate, of course! 🙂

Here’s the recipe:

(Sorry, it’s in Dutch. But by landing on several websites that were only in Russian,  I learnt there’s a very handy functionality in your browser that translates the page for you! Just right-click anywhere on the page and select “Translate”.)

Prijatnovo appetita!


Privet! Hello!

Welcome on my blog. I’ll be moving from Leuven in Belgium to Yaroslavl in Russia soon and this is where I’ll keep you posted about my adventures there. I’ll introduce you the language, culture, cuisine, and anything else you’d like to know about. Feel free to send me any suggestions or feedback in a message or comment. Happy reading!

Cathedral of the Dormition in Yaroslavl