Stylish orange tie – studying Russian colours and pieces of clothing

We recently learnt about the colours and different pieces of clothing in our Russian class. And about the funny combination of both in the famous song “Стильный оранжевый галстук”; “Stylish orange tie”. It’s a hit from the 90s by the Russian band Браво (Bravo). I like it a lot because it’s happy music and it has a very positive (and silly) message:

Пускай я никогда не встречал в Африке рассвет,
И не виделся в пожар, в джунглях в час ночной,
Но знаю точно я, на земле самый яркий свет,
Свет, который дарит всем, стильный галстук мой.

I may never have seen an African sunrise,
And I’ve never seen a nightly fire in the jungle,
But I do know the brightest light on earth,
which brings light to everyone: my stylish tie.



About louboutins and skinny jeans – Russia’s latest music video hype

Russia is going crazy over a new music video by the rock group Leningrad at the moment. The clip was made for the song “Exhibit” and is about a girl preparing for her first date with a guy she met on the Internet. The story goes that she is the daughter of a very wealthy man but now wants to try to make it on her own in the big city of Moscow.

The most famous scene from the clip is the part where she paints the bottoms of her shoes red to make them look like louboutins and tries to squeeze in jeans that are much too tight for her. “На лабутенах-нах… и в оху*тельных штанах”

The video is beating all records: after little more than 2 weeks it already has almost 29 million views, 305.000 likes and 23.000 dislikes.

Leningrad is a group from Saint-Petersburg (which was formerly called Leningrad) that has been active since the late 90s . They’re notorious for the cultural and political clichés they use in their songs and for their offensive lyrics (hence the asterisk above 😉 ).

Music to my ears – the Yaroslavl organ festival

Affiche orgelfestival

This evening I attended a concert of the International Festival of Organ Music here in Yaroslavl. Some friends of mine are very kindly looking for cultural activities for me that don’t require knowledge of the Russian language and this was perfect!

The festival is called after Russian organ “legend” L.I. Roizman, who, as it happens, was born exactly 100 years ago this year. The concert took place in the Yaroslavl Philharmonic concert hall, a beautiful historic building in the city centre whose stage is dominated by a huge organ.

The programme was very diverse. The concert began – ironically enough – with a piece by Bach for choir alone, without organ. Then the choir was joined by a German organist (Martin Stefan) for a cantata by Rheinberger. In the second part, the German organist Stefan Engels (who is now a professor in Dallas) treated us to a very energetic and powerful performance of organ music by Mendelssohn, Bach, Schumann and Karg-Elert. Very impressive!

Pictures taken from the Yaroslavl Philharmonic website and the Однажды в Рыбинске news site.

Belgian music in Russia

We’re in Moscow for a few days and this morning, I was surprised to hear the song Ayo Technology by the Belgian band Milow at breakfast in our hotel! I’m always happy to hear a familiar tune that I like, especially if it’s Belgian. It’s one of these rare moments I feel some patriotism. 🙂 Wim usually doesn’t share this feeling at all and even claimed this morning that this is the perfect proof that Milow is “muzak” (the kind of music played ​at airports, ​train stations etc.).

Today was not the first time I heard Belgian music here in Russia. One of the first times was in a taxi when Stromae was played on the radio. Another time was Gabriel Rios (in the shopping centre) and Selah Sue (don’t remember where that was). I also saw a poster for a dance festival on the aeroexpress train in Moscow a while ago that had a Belgian DJ on it. I think it was Netsky, but I’m not entirely sure. I must admit I’m not so familiar with electronic music, otherwise I think I’d feel patriotic more often. 🙂

Which Belgian bands or DJs do you think I should introduce here? Any suggestions?