Russia’s Facebook: VKontakte

While browsing Russian websites, I noticed that in addition to Facebook and Twitter icons, I would also come across this one:

Soon I discovered that in Russia, it’s not Facebook and Twitter that are the biggest social media. It’s a site called VKontakte (VK), which literally means “in touch”.

The site has over 70 million average daily users, mainly based in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. It is the second most visited website in Russia, after search engine Yandex.

VK’s functionalities are like Facebook’s: you can send public or private messages, create groups, pages and events, share and tag images, audio and video, and play games.

What I really like about VK is the music functionality. Via a tab at the top, you can choose your preferred genre and VK automatically generates a playlist for you, which you can listen to for free! You can of course also search for a specific song or artist but I like to be surprised. 🙂 The music keeps playing whichever pages on VK you visit and at the top right is always shown which song is currently playing. Neat, isn’t it?

VK music

You can find my VK profile here. I’ve also made a VK page for my English classes, which you can find (and follow!) here.

Let’s keep “VKontakte”! 😉

Sources: VK’s ‘about’ section and Wikipedia.