On the radio

Belgian music channel Studio Brussel has just held a special week dedicated to Belgian music, ‘De week van eigen kweek’. (‘Eigen kweek’ literally means ‘homegrown’.) I’m a big fan, I think we’re really spoiled by how much excellent music there’s made in our little country and listening to it always makes me feel a bit at home.

One evening, the presenters asked the audience where and when they had ever heard Belgian music abroad. I remembered writing a blog post about it a while ago, looked it up again to refresh my memory and texted them. And they called me right away! I first had a little chat with one of the two presenters on the phone and before long, the other one was interviewing me live on air.

It was only very short, of course, but it was fun to do. I explained we live in Yaroslavl and where that is, which Belgian artists I’ve heard here and where, that some Belgian music is known here but that most people don’t actually know it’s Belgian and that I do my best to promote it 🙂

So far my minute of fame. Oh, they did play Selah Sue for me, too. You can listen to the interview and the song here.

If you’d like to know more about our great Belgian music scene, I can highly recommend this section of the blog of a friend of mine. Enjoy!


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