Story of the week

Moscow’s winter 2016 is the snowiest on record. Snow came earlier than it has in the previous 137 years. Severe weather conditions knocked out electricity supplies to homes of almost 24,000 people living near Moscow. Train routes between major cities were suspended and the outages even impacted hospitals and schools. Over 70 flights were cancelled due to excessive snow. As of Dec. 2 , 90cm of snowfall was recorded in Moscow, a record for the city. At the beginning of this week, the city received 20 percent of its December snowfall in the just 24 hours.


(Source: The Moscow Times)


2 thoughts on “Story of the week”

  1. Gelukkig hoef je nu niet meer elke dag sneeuw te ruimen…. Enne…. als je niet terug naar Rusland geraakt, tja… dan zal je langer in België moeten blijven….. en kan ik nog een keertje meer langskomen….


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