Wim’s “fresh” new name

What’s often funny if you go abroad if how your name is pronounced. Luckily I’m blessed with a very international name (apart from its spelling – Sofie) that doesn’t lend itself to many mispronunciations. Wim is not so fortunate, however, and is very often called like the cleaning product “Vim” here. 🙂 This is because the letter w doesn’t exist in Russian. Written in Cyrillic letters, his name really is Вим, which transcribes as Vim. So his name is not only mispronounced, it’s also very often misspelled in e-mails he receives!


By the way, we’re still looking for baby names for our little boy that’s on the way! To avoid any misunderstanding, mispronunciation or misspelling, we’re looking for a quite international name that can easily be understood by Russians and other nationalities. Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Wim’s “fresh” new name”

    1. Aan Peter hadden we ook gedacht, maar in het Russisch wordt dat Pjotr (en in het Frans Pierre) en daar zijn we niet zo’n fans van. 🙂 Bart is in het Russisch ook niet zo gangbaar maar waarschijnlijk wel bekend dankzij de Simpsons – alhoewel ik niet weet of we die associatie dan willen maken. 🙂 Chris(tian), Filip en Thomas zijn ook wel goeie tips, evenals Lucas (en Matthias trouwens ook 😉 ) Thanks!


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