Happy birthday, Volkov Theatre

Today’s the birthday of one of Russia’s most famous theatres, the Volkov Theatre in our new hometown Yaroslavl. It’s no less than 266 years old! That actually makes it the birthplace of the first national professional theatre in Russia. It was Fyodor Volkov who founded it back in 1750.

Fyodor Volkov proudly watching over his theatre

The actual neoclassical building that’s standing on Volkov square, however, ‘only’ dates back to 1911. As you can see from the pictures below it is gorgeous and quite impressive. It has two stages and a combined amount of around 1000 seats for spectators. It is considered to be the most famous of the Russian provincial theaters.

On the theatre’s website, you can pay it a virtual visit and see what it looks like on the inside.

The Theatre has also been the subject of several works of art, among which these beautiful paintings by A.L. Sokolova from 1956 (left) and A.Y. Lelikov from 1964 (right).

(Pictures were taken from:



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