3-day weekend starting on … Sunday

Tuesday will be a holiday here, the ‘Defender of the Fatherland Day’. As the name suggests, the day is mainly about the achievements of military forces and veterans. But as military service is still obligatory for most men here, it’s generally observed as ‘Men’s Day’. Similar to Women’s Day (which is a much bigger deal here than in Belgium!), all men are celebrated, not only those who have served in the army. Women usually give men small presents and the ladies at Wim’s office spoiled him with home-made cowberry cake today:


Yes, you read that right: they’re at the office today. As the holiday falls on a Tuesday this year and Russians like long weekends just as much as Belgians (and probably all other nationalities) do, they all come to work on Saturday so they can enjoy a 3-day weekend starting on Sunday. And it’s not just work, also other activities. My singing class on Monday evening will also take place tonight instead. This might sound like a crazy idea at first to most Belgians (as it did to me!) but actually it’s not a bad idea, is it?


2 thoughts on “3-day weekend starting on … Sunday”

    1. Ja maar die dag moet wel van ergens komen natuurlijk, de meeste werkgevers geven die ook niet maar zomaar. Meestal komt die dan van je eigen vakantiedagen. En vaak moet er op die dag dan ook nog permanentie zijn zodat niet iedereen vakantie kan nemen…


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