Belgian music in Russia

We’re in Moscow for a few days and this morning, I was surprised to hear the song Ayo Technology by the Belgian band Milow at breakfast in our hotel! I’m always happy to hear a familiar tune that I like, especially if it’s Belgian. It’s one of these rare moments I feel some patriotism. 🙂 Wim usually doesn’t share this feeling at all and even claimed this morning that this is the perfect proof that Milow is “muzak” (the kind of music played ​at airports, ​train stations etc.).

Today was not the first time I heard Belgian music here in Russia. One of the first times was in a taxi when Stromae was played on the radio. Another time was Gabriel Rios (in the shopping centre) and Selah Sue (don’t remember where that was). I also saw a poster for a dance festival on the aeroexpress train in Moscow a while ago that had a Belgian DJ on it. I think it was Netsky, but I’m not entirely sure. I must admit I’m not so familiar with electronic music, otherwise I think I’d feel patriotic more often. 🙂

Which Belgian bands or DJs do you think I should introduce here? Any suggestions?


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