Playing with fire

This morning when I tried to light the gas stove to make breakfast, it didn’t work. At first I thought it was just the stove but soon we noticed that the heating radiators also felt suspiciously cold … So we concluded it must be due to a gas outage or a problem with the gas flow to our house.

At first we didn’t do anything. We hoped it was just temporary (like the two power outages we’ve had before). We kept trying the stove once in a while to see if it would work again. But now at the end of the day, when outside it’s -20, it’s starting to feel a little chilly in here. So we did this 🙂


As it happens we’re leaving to Moscow tomorrow for 3 days. Let’s hope either the gas company or our landlord gets the problem fixed in the meantime! For now, I’ll just be creative in the kitchen and make dinner in the oven tonight. 🙂


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