Going to the movies at “Neft”

Yesterday we went to see a movie at the theater for the first time since we moved to Russia. Needless to say the reason why we don’t go more often is that in most theaters, all movies are dubbed in Russian. But there’s one exception in Yaroslavl: cinema “Neft”.

Neft is a very cute little cinema with just 1 room with 111 seats. What’s really great is that the first two rows consist of 8 sofas which are called “love seats”. Of course we wanted to try this so we booked a sofa on the first row. It was amazing! The seats were so comfy that it seemed like you were watching a movie at home, only on a huge screen with sensational sound!

We’d chosen the movie “The Revenant”. In the beginning of the movie we started to regret this decision because many of the dialogues are in a native American language we didn’t understand a single word of. (Though we discovered to our surprise that we did understand some of the Russian subtitles!) However, after a while we were happy to realize that the movie was more about action (and scenery!) than about language and that we could follow the story even without understanding all the words.

We really enjoyed our first Russian movie experience and we’re sure this won’t have been the last time we went. In the meantime, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that “The Revenant” wins all the Oscars it was nominated for. It definitely deserves it!

PS: For the Dutch-speakers who wonder whether “neft” has anything to do with “naft” (meaning “petroleum”); it does! I’m not entirely sure about the history of the place, but I think it had something to do with creating a cultural center for workers of the oil refinery that’s down the road.


6 thoughts on “Going to the movies at “Neft””

  1. Yes, you’re right!!There are works of oil refinery not far from this cinema. “Neft” is in the cultural center which is called “Neftyanik” and the city district where the cultural center is called “Neftestroy” 🙂

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  2. Lots of Aboriginal Canadian actors in the movie. The movie crew even had Aboriginal consultants so they didn’t mess up too badly with all the heritage and history of the people they were portraying.

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  3. I like this story about the theatre and love seats. Remember writing about a similar one in moscow many years ago.

    Keep up the writing!

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