Happy Old New Year!

Today is Stary Novy God, Old New Year, in Russia. As you could read in previous posts, it marks the changing of the year according to the old Julian calendar, instead of the Gregorian calendar that the world officially uses today.

Picture by Vladimir Kremlev

It is not an officially recognized
holiday so people don’t get the day off for observance. But that doesn’t mean Old New Year isn’t celebrated – be it in a more relaxed way than 1 January. Some see it as a nostalgic holiday and spend it at large family gatherings where they eat,sing carols and – of course – have some drinks. Others see it as simply another reason to go out and party with their friends and colleagues.

Some of the Russian traditions for this day correspond to Belgian ones. Just like Belgians usually only take down their Christmas tree at Epiphany (Three King’s Day), Russians generally take it down at Old New Year. And just like in Belgium we have our Three Kings Cake, in Russia dumplings are baked with small objects inside, like a button or a thread, which bring the person who finds them good fortune in the year ahead.

Со старым новым годом! Happy Old New Year!

happy old new year

Source: Russiapedia


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