Winter’s here (to stay for a while)

Yesterday was the first day since we’re in Russia that it snowed in Yaroslavl and that the snow stayed on the ground.

IMG_20151027_093716 IMG_20151027_093834

It had already snowed a bit before; most of it had been drops of “snow rain” that melt before they reach the ground. But the first time it had actually snowed real snowflakes was exactly on the day my mom and friend arrived from Belgium for a visit (two and a half weeks ago). Welcome to Russia! Number 1 stereotype confirmed! 🙂

So I guess now the snow is here to stay for the next half year or so … But we’re ready for it:

I bought myself a hat (lined with fleece on the inside) and gloves. Can you believe I came to Russia without them? I thought I’d return to Belgium at least once before winter started here but unfortunately that hasn’t worked out …


To better blend in, I’ve also bought some winter gear from the local ice hockey team. 🙂


Our house doesn’t just have double glass windows … it actually has double windows! 🙂


And for cosy cold winter nights there’s this:


Only thing still missing is a rocking chair. 🙂

Each year when the first snow falls, it reminds me of this beautiful song by the Belgian singer Jan De Wilde; “De eerste sneeuw” (“The first snow”). Enjoy!


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