More Russian cooking endeavors

I tried some more Russian recipes! I all found them on Vegelicacy. It’s a great website with recipes for delicious vegan dishes with common ingredients that are easy to find (even in Yaroslavl!) and clear step-by-step instructions with photos. And a special section on Russian vegan recipes! 🙂


I don’t think this beetroot soup classic needs any introduction, does it?

photo 5 1

Find the recipe here.

Sharlotka apple pie

I’ve never had Sharlotka apple pie before so I’m not entirely sure whether mine turned out like it should … It’s quite brittle, more like crumble than pie. But it’s sooo good! And freshly baked it smelled divine!

photo 2 1 photo 3 1

Find the recipe here.

Buckwheat with vegetables

This is one of the few recipes I’ve ever tried that I could have actually written myself. This means it’s very basic, simple and fast. 🙂 Buckwheat is a grain that’s not all that common in Belgium (except on All Saints day in Limburg, when it’s time for yummy buckwheat pancakes) but it’s omnipresent here in Russia. You can even find it in the smallest grocery stores. They even sell it in those little steam bags like rice! Buckwheat is also used to make a very popular breakfast porridge called “kasha”. I’ll have to try making that one some day too!

photo 4 2

Find the recipe here.

Mushroom pelmeni

This is a whole other story. Not basic, not simple and certainly not fast. But definitely worth the effort! Pelmeni are dumplings. They look a bit like tortellini and the cooking process is also quite similar, but the dough is very different. Although it took a lot of time to make the pelmeni, it was actually easier than I had thought. And I even did it without a rolling pin because I realised too late we didn’t have one so I used a wine bottle instead. 🙂 Tip: also delicous cold!

photo 2 2 photo 1 3  photo 2 3 photo 3 2

Find the recipe here.


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