A EUR6.5 trip to the supermarket

As many people have asked me how expensive (or rather: cheap) it is to live here, I thought it might be a good idea to let you see it for yourself.

Here’s the bill of my latest trip to the supermarket:


And here’s a translation and conversion 😉

Can of mushrooms 69.90 (RUB) 0.91 (EUR)
Bread (380g)  34.60 0.45
Bread (500 g)  26.90 0.35
Bread (300 g)  19.00 0.25
Eggs (10)  39.90 0.52
Apples (430g)  29.03 0.38
Apples (430g)  31.20 0.41
Oranges (500g)  11.00 0.14
Cucumbers (370g)  13.42 0.18
Plums (240g)  13.42 0.18
Cherry tomatoes (250g)  66 0.86
Bananas (850g)  35.44 0.46
Cans of corn (2)  113.20 1.48
Total  489.59 6.41

That being said, you should know three things:

  • Imported products are very expensive. When I wanted to make tiramisu, I had to buy a EUR4 package of mascarpone.
  • A trip to the mall would have been a totally different story; prices for clothes are about the same as in Belgium.
  • The average monthly wage in Russia is RUB34,000 or EUR425 (according to this website).

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