Cheesecake for breakfast

This morning I went out for brunch with a friend. It was a beautiful day so we sat outside on the patio. The restaurant was located next to a park so it was lovely! The place was called “Déjà vu” (or “Дежавю” – “Dezhavyu” as it’s funnily transcribed) and that suited my breakfast choice quite well. After my friend had kindly translated all breakfast options for me I opted for the “syrniki”.

The first (and only) time I had had something similar had been on the morning train from Moscow to Yaroslavl, where they served “zapekanka”. At the time I had no idea what I was having. The only thing I knew was that I loved it! It didn’t really look like it, but it tasted a lot like cheesecake. And it turned out that that’s more or less what it was, maybe just a lot less creamy and a little less sweet. It’s made with “tvorog”, a Russian variety of cottage cheese which is omnipresent in all stores here.

Although they don’t look quite the same – syrniki look like little pancakes (blini) and zapekanka is usually served in one big piece – the ingredients for syrniki and zapekanka are actually very similar: cottage cheese, flour, eggs and sugar.

And so my syrniki this morning were a bit of a déjà vu. Of course it was even better than in the train and it came with delicious vanilla sauce. Mmm! And that’s how slowly but surely I’m starting to grow fond of this country. Because let’s be honest – who wouldn’t like a country where they serve cheesecake for breakfast?

Syrniki (photo taken from here)
Zapekanka (photo taken from here)

3 thoughts on “Cheesecake for breakfast”

  1. Your description makes my mouth water, Sofie, even after a breakfast with a lot of “plattekaas”, another relative of “tvorog”. Enjoy the good life;)!


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