A stroll on the Strelka

Last Saturday the weather was wonderful so we decided to go for a walk along the river and ended up on the Strelka.


The ‘Strelka’ is a park in the centre of Yaroslavl, at the confluence of the Kotorosl and Volga river. It was only been built a couple of years ago, at the occasion of the 1000th birthday of the city in 2010. The gas company Gazprom helped finance its construction.

It’s nice and green with lots of flowers and even fountains dancing to very diverse music, going from Tchaikovsky’s flower waltz to poppy Russian duets to Queen’s ‘We are the champions’. It also has separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists (and roller skaters and go-carts, of which there were actually a lot more). Very convenient!

At the end of the park, there’s a monument for the founders of Yaroslavl and those who contributed to the development of the city:


From there, you also have a great view of the Assumption Cathedral:


And the Volga river:


The park is said to be built on the place where prince Yaroslav the Wise founded the city in 1010. Legend has it that the pagan tribe that was living there at that time wasn’t very happy with his arrival and set a ferocious bear on him, which he then bravely killed with a pole-axe, upon which the pagans submitted themselves to the prince’s control. Hence the coat of arms of the city, which you can see everywhere, even in the flower beds 🙂



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