‘Hanging out’ in the parking lot

One of the things I love about Russia is the opening hours of the shops. Most supermarkets are open until 11 pm, all of them are open on Sundays and there even are some that are open 24 hours, seven days a week! For a Belgian that’s quite unbelievable.

So when we went shopping quite late in the evening the other day, Wim, who hates shopping, stayed in the car. After more than an hour (yes, shopping takes a lot of time here because a) I don’t know where to find everything, b) I don’t know all the products, c) I don’t even understand the labels 🙂 ) he texted me to ask me if I was almost done.

As it happened, I was indeed heading for the cash register so I texted him back to ask him if he could come help me. He actually came up with quite a good excuse: “I have to watch the car” and this picture 🙂



2 thoughts on “‘Hanging out’ in the parking lot”

  1. Haha, een hangjongere!
    Succes met de eetexperimenten. Gisteren was Jeroen Meus op TV die in Rusland meermaals per dag rendier at, zo erg zal het daar wel niet zijn ;b


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