All that jazz

On Friday night, we went to a concert at Yaroslavl’s Jazz Center. Actually the Jazz Center was one of the first Russian Facebook pages I’ve followed and it was also on Facebook that I learnt that Yaroslavl pianist Andrey Martynenko would hold a concert in the Center last Friday.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know much more, because with my limited knowledge of Russian, it was already complicated enough to buy tickets, let alone get more information. I met a very friendly and helpful guy, though, who knew a few words of English and very kindly assisted me in buying the tickets. He even showed me the concert room so I could choose our seats.

So not really knowing what was awaiting us, we were pleasantly surprised that in addition to a piano, there were also a guitar, a contrabass and drums. The concert was actually quite enjoyable (although the drums player could have done with some more practice 😉 ).

At the end of the first part, the band was even joined by a singer from the audience. When he came dancing and clapping near our table, though, we noticed that his enthusiasm (and volume!) could be explained by the stench of alcohol surrounding him. Luckily, he was kicked our during the break and we could sit back and enjoy the rest of the concert.

It’s too bad we couldn’t understand any of the intros and explanations by the pianist. To be honest, we didn’t really have any idea what they were playing. And it’s good Wim was there with me, because when everyone got up after about an hour, I thought it was done, but it was actually just a break and everyone went out for a smoke. 🙂

We enjoyed it, though. We’ll definitely go again! After all, music is a universal language. 😉



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