Best translators of Russian literature rewarded at ceremony in New York

That’ll be me in a couple of years! Or not … 😉

The laureates of the biggest translation prize for the best translation of classical and contemporary Russian literature, the Read Russia English Translation Prize 2015, have been announced in New York.

Oliver Ready was named as the best translator for contemporary Russian literature for his translation of Before and During by Vladimir Sharov. Before and During was published in Russia in 1993 and is an action-packed historical mystery.

Vladimir SharovThe jury made a unanimous decision: “If achieving the perfect is impossible then the superior is achievable. And that is exactly what Oliver Ready has done in translating the essence of Vladimir Sharov’s novel in English. Ready has been able to catch the convoluted ideas of the narrator, which combine his love for Christ and Lenin, who simultaneously prays for the sinful Ivan the Terrible, and attempts to come to terms with the Bolshevik legacy.”

The jury members took note of the resounding success of two translations of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina which were done last year by renowned translators Marian Schwartz and Rosamund Bartlett. They received the special Hero of Literary Translation prize.

Read Russia, founded in 2012, is an initiative based in Moscow, New York, and London that celebrates Russian literature and culture. Read Russia gives international audiences fresh opportunities to engage – in person, on screen, and online – with Russia’s literary leaders and heritage.

I translated this from: В Нью-Йорке наградили лучших переводчиков русской литературы

Just kidding, I found the English article here. 😉


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