June – month of firsts and lasts

Here’s the latest news, some of which more noteworthy than other 🙂

After a first fruitless attempt on Sunday, Wim successfully arrived in Russia yesterday. He stayed the night in Moscow and travelled to Yaroslavl today. He has already received his work permit, his new laptop and mobile phone (an iPhone 6!) and is receiving his first emails in Russian. Thank God for Google Translate! He’ll have his first real working day tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I’ve started my last month at work. It won’t be a complete month, though, as I’ll be taking 3 days off to visit Wim. And I’ll probably be taking the last two days off, too, as it’ll be much nicer to end on a Friday than on a Tuesday. 🙂

I’ve booked my plane tickets to Russia and was pleasantly surprised by two things: 1) I was able to request vegetarian meals on board (if only I had known that last time!) 2) I emailed customer care with a question about excess luggage and they answered me almost right away with a very clear and friendly answer. There’s still hope for Russian customer service!

I’ve started the 3d CD of my advanced Russian course this morning and I finally learnt something about the infamous Russian case system. Remember nominative, accusative, genitive & dative from Latin? Russian even has some more! Perfect for a grammar geek like me. 🙂

I’ve also finally got in touch again with the language school I visited during our last stay in Yaroslavl and confirmed that I’m still interested in teaching there. They teach both English and French (as well as other languages – who knows they’ll let me start a Dutch division!) to all ages, from toddlers to adults. I’m curious what they’ll have in store for me!


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