My Russian pet

Long before we were even remotely thinking about moving to Russia we already had a Russian pet: Meet Brûlé, our little Russian dwarf hamster.


He loves sleeping, nuts, running in his wheel and biting my fingers (not hard, though).

He hates the little green rings in his food, his cage being cleaned and too much daylight.


3 thoughts on “My Russian pet”

  1. Crème died a couple of months ago 😦 He got sick, some kind of infection, said the vet… Still tried some meds but to no avail 😦 We’ll have Brûlé 2 years in July. We’re not sure exactly how old he was when we got him, but dwarf hamsters usually only get around 2 years old… He’s still doing fine, though. Very active and very happy 🙂


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