Belgium shares first place with France at a Russian vodka event

The vodka brand Mamont Vodka hosted a culinary competition in Moscow on Tuesday night, challenging chefs from across Eurasia to capture the essence of the vodka’s Siberian heritage in a food and cocktail pairing.

The Belgian team, Arie Visscher and Dries Botty, had prepared a salad with king crab and caviar, accompanied by a cocktail named “Yukagir” in honor of the only mammoth of its type found to date.

As the judges were unable to declare a single winning pair, they eventually announced that the Belgian team and the French team would share this year’s honors.

They’ll take part in an all-expenses-paid expedition to Siberia to search for a mammoth led by a “professional mammoth hunter” and accompanied by travel-blogger, photographer and travel writer Sergei Dolya.





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